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If you're reading this, you have my thanks. But let's be honest: I can't know what you like. Every human product that's really worth reading or seeing or hearing is made mostly to please its human producer. Because if you aim to please the world you usually miss, the target's just too big and you can only guess where it is…

­ Tim Bray (https://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2017/05/03/Blogging-in-2017)

Oh, the pursuit of perfection to one's needs, my dear reader, is a noble and enticing endeavor. How often have we found ourselves dissatisfied with the offerings of others, not because they were lacking in quality, but simply because they did not align exactly with our unique desires?

Such was my predicament when I embarked on a quest to find the perfect package to my requirements, one that would cater to my specific needs. I delved into the sea of options, hoping to discover a gem that would captivate me in ways beyond imagination. Alas, despite encountering several commendable contenders, none could fulfill the specific expectations I had set upon them.

It was not a matter of their inadequacy or their inherent flaws; quite the contrary, these packages were exceptional in their own right. However, my heart yearned for something else and more, something that would cater to my idiosyncratic requests. And so, embracing the spirit of creativity and curiosity, I ventured forth into the realm of creation.

Ah, the art of forging one's own path, designing a realm tailored to one's desires - it is both liberating and daunting. With jumbled thoughts and visions swirling in my mind, I harnessed my determination and set about the arduous task of crafting my own package, one that would satisfy my simple yet profound needs.

Time passed, and my labor of love took shape. With each stroke of the keyboard and every line of code, I breathed life into my creation, shaping it into a tangible embodiment of my aspirations. And finally, after countless hours of toil and unwavering dedication, my creation stood before me - a manifestation of my desires, manifested in the digital realm.

So here it stands, my dear reader, the culmination of my endeavors. A package born from the depths of my imagination, with every intricate detail tailored to perfection. It is not the most intricate or grandiose, but it is uniquely mine - a testament to the power of willful creation.

Thus, I present to you my creation, a testament to the pursuit of individuality and the refusal to settle for existing offerings. May it inspire you to embark on your own creative journey, for within the realm of personalization lies the true essence of satisfaction and fulfillment.

👉 https://github.com/jsntn/org-task-scheduler.el

My Use Case

It was a chilly autumn morning when I found myself immersed in my study, surrounded by books and the captivating allure of the written word. The faint smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, mingling with the faint scent of old paper. My attention fixated on the work on my Emacs, and I know its background process is filtering all my tasks to let me know which ones are about to be revealed.

Wrapped in the cocoon of my obsession with organization, I had meticulously crafted a schedule utilizing the remarkable abilities of Emacs. This digital mastermind would dutifully execute the commands of a script named org-task-scheduler.el, a creation born out of my desire for efficiency and productivity.

From the depths of my being, a voice dictated the rules: "Let the timer begin its relentless countdown, working days from 10AM to 6PM, every 15 minutes." And so it was set, like a grand symphony of time management merging with the rhythmic ticking of a clock.

With each passing moment, my dedication to this endeavor deepened. The tasks that complied with the criteria I had painstakingly configured would be captured and recorded in a file named tasks.org. This sacred shrine of productivity would transcend the boundaries of my study, for it would be synced through a cloud drive. This synchronized bond would allow me the convenience of accessing my tasks on any of my trusted devices, a modern marvel connecting me with my own thoughts.

Yet, productivity existed not solely in the realm of organization and documentation. Aware of the intrinsic value of deadlines and the urgency they inspire, I had engineered a pop-up to ensure my attention remained undivided on the tasks. Kind of alarms, sweet sirens of time's passage, would resound with purpose, piercing the silence of my study. They would alert me as tasks approached their scheduled starting time or solemnly stood at the threshold of their unforgiving deadlines.

Oh, the irony of it all! The pursuit of productivity defined my days, but was I not merely a marionette controlled by the strings of time? I had harnessed its power, bending it to my will, yet I was forever beholden to the very entity I sought to conquer.

As the minutes dwindled and the day pressed on, I surrendered to the rhythmic cycle of productivity. The creation had distilled the essence of discipline and structure into a simple script, guiding my every move, every thought.

In the depths of my study, amidst the organized chaos of my thoughts and the silent clicking of keys, I found solace. The world outside faded into insignificance as I lost myself in the symphony of productivity, conductor of my own destiny, driven by the relentless pursuit of efficiency.

Such is the life I have chosen, a life governed by timers, alarms, and the unquenchable thirst for accomplishment. In the end, it is not the tasks completed or the deadlines met that define me, but the passion and devotion with which I approach them. And so, I continue my journey, embracing the embrace of productivity's sweet embrace.

Jason Tian
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